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Wedding Uddevalla : Thomas + Therese

Wedding Uddevalla : stunning couple and Rolls Royce ride on the epic Swedish summer day They both have busy jobs, they’ve built a beautiful house, they turned it to their family home, they have two really amazing kids. They work hard and enjoy life. Nothing comes for granted in Therese and Thomas family. They know the meaning of the words appreciation, simplicity and loyalty. And they seem to surround themselves with people who are just as amazing as they are. […]

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Indian Wedding Gothenburg, wedding photographer Goteborg, indiskt bröllop Göteborg, fotograf Varberg, Kungsbacka, Marstrand, Kungälv.

Indian Wedding

Indian wedding in Gothenburg : colorful fusion wedding in extraordinary combination of Swedish and Indian Unfortunately, I am not allowed to share anything but the amazing details from this colorful and extraordinary Indian wedding in Gothenburg. Vibrant silk sari hand-decorated with embroideries, heavy jewelry and typical shoes… This wedding was a fine fusion of Swedish and Indian with two outfit changes and very touching ceremony. Enjoy some details from this Swedish and Indian wedding in Gothenburg! Wedding preparations: Radisson Blu […]

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Wedding Gothenburg : Edina + Ferid

Wedding Gothenburg : wedding with a dash of rain and tons of love This wedding took almost 7 years to happen and for a couple of years it was close to not happening at all due to some technical Facebook misunderstandings. They met at the dinner party and… went their own ways. Summers and winters went by before forces of love arranged their two stars to meet again. Two years later on this same day Edina and Ferid woke up […]

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Bröllopsmagasinet bröllopsfotograf göteborg, varberg, kungsbacka, kungälv, marstrand

Featured in competition : Bröllopsmagasinet

Featured in competition : Bröllopsmagasinet . I am extremely honored and dreaming of winning. Please click here and gift my picture your love. I checked my email more often than usual lately and as I checked it yesterday my heart made a double vault up in the air. The email I was waiting for was in my mailbox stating that my picture is now published and competing against 9 others in the competitions hold by Bröllopsmagasinet – a very important […]

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Student photo, studenten presenttips fotografering Göteborg

Student photo

Student photo : my vision of modern student portrait and two things you would never guess about the girl on the picture I have a very definitive vision of student portraits – make each and one of them unique for every student I photograph. I try to incorporate something personal as well as the white student dress, the student ball dress and some casual clothes in my student photo shoot. I also love going to different locations as I photograph […]

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Student photo session, Studenten fotograf Göteborg, photographer Gothenburg, studenten present tips, studenten fotografering

Student photo session

Student photo session with *probable* future Finance Minister of Sweden. She will definitely fit as one! I draw a picture of her in my mind before I met her for her high school student photo session. A confident successful young woman who despite her young age has a lot on her achievements list. Funny, but my gut feeling got it all right. And as she stepped out of her car one stormy afternoon I just had to add a sincere […]

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Pre-wedding photo session, brollopsfotograf Göteborg, brollop fotograf Göteborgbro

Pre-wedding photo session

Pre-wedding  photo session in the sunset and the long way to “I do” When they first met no one thought twice of their introduction. There were no sleepless nights, no fireworks in the sky, no romantic music in the background. Some years later Ferid tried to take contact with Edina on the Facebook, but she didn’t answer his message. Two years later he tried his luck again. No. She didn’t answer this time either. But if it’s meant to be […]

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Baby photographer Gothenburg, bebis foto Göteborg, Varberg, Kungsbacka, Kungälv

Baby photographer : lifestyle baby pictures

Baby photographer : read what this little princess and Harry Potter has in common. I heard joyful cheers and saw a couple of azure blue eyes looking at me as I entered the door. Little Hedvid was getting ready for her very first baby session. As a baby photographer I have to admit that no matter how much prepared I am the little baby is the one who decides in what direction I should go. No matter what, I really […]

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beach family session, familjefotografering, götebrog, marstrand, varberg, kungsbacka, uddevalla, fotografering, fotograf göteborg.

Beach family session

Beach family session: don’t miss this sweet family on the  gorgeous beach Melt together Italian openheartness and Vietnamese kindheartness and you get this beautiful family of four with two girls – Zoe and Angela. Zoe (means “Life” in Greek) – definitely a full of life lovely almost three year old little lady. Angela – baby angel with wide-open eyes and long dark hair. Zoe – the first baby in the family was start-up for new chapter in the life of […]

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Choose wedding photographer, välj bröllopsfotograf, fotograf, Göteborg, Kungsbacka, Varberg, Kungälv, Marsstrand.

Choose wedding photographer: 5 top tips

Gothenburg wedding photographer gives you 5 tips on how to choose wedding photographer when you nerrow down your choice to two or three candidates Are you getting married soon? Congratulations! You have million and a half decisions to make – choose your reception location, all your vendors and of course choose wedding photographer. I got married back in 2012 and choosing our wedding photographer was among our first bookings. After many hours of browsing our options we had a couple […]

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