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My best 8 secrets of Instagram project

Read about my essential tips and tricks on how to succeed with your Instagram project I never thought that daily or weekly Instagram projects, like 365 Project or 52 Project, were my cup of tea. I never thought I had enough patience to fulfill them and I didn’t want to feel like a failure if I drop it three days in. I never saw a point in taking a picture a day until last summer I recognized that I am already […]

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The very best from maternity photo session on the West Coast Sweden

Stormy pictures from maternity photo session on the West Coast Sweden It was a perfect summer storm coming towards us as we walked down to the beach on the Swedish West Coast. The clouds were turning all shades of severe blue and we were just seconds away from feeling first heavy raindrops against our cheeks and minutes away from  getting soaking wet. I knew it and we had no time to waste. With this polished rocks, uncompromising sea and threatening […]

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Happy Women’s Day!

Give extra love to the women in your life today may it be your mom, your dear girlfriend, your grandma, your sister or just a woman who inspires you! Happy International Women’s Day! By Natasha Olsson

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Why I regret I didn’t take my student pictures

Don’t do the same mistake or why I regret I didn’t take my student pictures As a photographer I tend to find myself behind the camera more often than in front of it, but there are a couple of moments in my life that I would love to have documented by a professional and I regret I don’t have a single student picture from that time. I am particularly sorry that I didn’t go to the photographer to get my […]

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Cake smash – the best way to celebrate your baby’s first birthday

Thinking about celebrating you baby’s 1st birthday in a cute way? Cake smash photo session is what you need! I love cakes. Big, small, with frosting, with chocolate, handmade or bought at the nearest bakery – it doesn’t matter as long as it is sweet. And when the cake comes with a sweet little baby on a side it is twice as yummy. This neat cake (I bet it was yummy too) was baked by a passionate and talented baker […]

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Are you looking for a wedding photographer in Gothenburg?

Amazing deal from a wedding photographer in Gothenburg Are you looking for a wedding photographer? Are you getting married during Spring-Summer 2014 season this year? Great! I’ve got a great deal for you that you can’t resist! I am expanding my business this year and I am looking for three couples that will get my services as a wedding photographer for no charge for one day, your wedding day. ;) To get the deal even yummier you will also get 50 […]

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Newborn pictures in a touching slideshow

Take your newborn pictures to the next level with a stunning slideshow. Are you a music person? I think I am! You may find me listening to classical music one day and to 90’s rock music the next day. Music can definitely change my mood and make me bounce of the walls if the music is right. I like it loud… and then a little bit louder! Though with kids in the house it’s been a while since I had […]

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Romantic maternity photos by pregnancy photographer in Gothenburg

Romantic maternity photo session by pregnancy photographer in Gothenburg This maternity session turned into last minute maternity photo session. The healthy baby boy decided to meet his parents only a few sunny summer days later. But let us start from the beginning. I was very excited to document the last days of Andreas and Karin as family of two. They live next door to us, which means they are awesome by default! He is an extremely handy guy and that […]

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One easy backup solution to save your pictures

Choose one of the best backup solution to save your pictures before it’s too late Couple of weeks ago on a lovely Friday night right when I finished my second bowl of my chocolate fudge brownie ice-cream (God, bless the person who came up with this flavour!) I got a phone call from my friend. She is a mother to her little son so she knows batter than to call so late on Friday night. She was a mess. I […]

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Why you should consider boudoir photographer to celebrate yourself

Would you consider boudoir photographer to celebrate your new self? This girl did it! Read her story. As a photographer I have a privilege to meet and photograph many different people and all of them, truly ALL of them have their unique story. The story of this girl had its ups and down, how ever if you happen to meet her she irradiates confidence as a compliment to her always very fashionable outfits. She is addicted to fashion, fragrances and […]

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