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Graduation party at the West Coast

Midsummer Eve to remember – combined with graduation party on the West Coast Sweden Her mom stood on the terrace with a glass of champagne in her hands and looked with eyes full of love on her daughter. She chinked her glass to get some silence from the happy crowd who gather together on the Midsummer Eve to celebrate Linnea’s graduation. As the guests got quite her mom had so many beautiful words to say about her daughter and all […]

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Maternity pictures : Caroline + Mattias

Dreamy maternity pictures : Read why despite the difficult pregnancy she wants to remember this special time In her mind Caroline wrote a perfect script for her pregnancy. Nine month of planning, dreaming, choosing names, spreading the great news and watching the belly grow. The reality hit her by surprise with the worst case of nausea even before she knew she was pregnant. It was not a regular morning sickness it was all-day-long sickness that never stopped. Caroline was determined […]

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Pictures in the magazine

Read about a publication of my pictures in the magazine Affärstidningen Näringsliv and a photo shoot outside my comfort zone   Some photo projects makes me stop, pause the life and make the creative part of my brain work hard. I am always thrilled to do the photo sessions that are outside of my comfort zone. And I find it both challenging and exciting at the same time.     Earlier this year I had a pleasure to take pictures […]

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Bosnian Wedding, Varberg, Gothenburg, Bosninskt bröllop, Göteborg

Bosnian Wedding : Damir + Irnesa

Bosnian wedding : eventfull wedding with a blend of lovely people and beautiful wedding details Just a tiny thought of Damir and Irnesa’s weddings makes me grin from ear to ear. Give me more Bosnian weddings, because these guys know the true meaning of the word party! This wedding was a blend of beautiful people, two big families, different cultures and eventful moments – in other words a perfect Bosnian wedding! They fell in love thanks to Irnesa’s computer that […]

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Waiting baby in gothenburg, väntar bebis i Göteborg, gravid fotografering

Waiting baby : Three is a magic number!

Read about my big news which both makes me happy and freaks me out at the same time I think it’s time to announce a big news! Telling people that I just happen to swallow a ball for lunch doesn’t work any more. I am getting strange looks. After keeping the news mostly to myself and my family I am excited to announce that we are waiting baby number three this fall. I’ve got all crazy long list of complaints […]

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Business card for photographer and print materials

Read a short story about my long way to find my new business card for photographer Blinding sunny morning. I take a deep breath of the chilly crisp air and open the door. I smell cozy aromatic coffee and hear the low monotonous susurrate of the printing machines. A big dog Indra welcomes me and I am dying to see my new “thank-you” cards and other print materials. A smiling lady gives me a white box with silver bow and […]

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Varberg, wedding, varberg, bröllop, fotograf, fotografering, gothenburg, göteborg

Varberg Wedding slideshow : Damir + Irnesa

Varberg wedding : eventful and fun wedding with a portrait session near the old Varberg fortress. I have thousand and one things on my to-do list this week before the Midsummer celebrations this weekend in Sweden. I love Midsummer – mostly because of the herring and strawberries. :) And because everyone is talking about weather, betting on sunshine chance and stubbornly and obstinately sets the feast tables outside just to move the celebrations inside when the sure rain starts. :) […]

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Novotel wedding Gothenburg, Novotel bröllop Göteborg, fotograf, photographer, bröllopsfotograf

Novotel Wedding : Jenilee + Kim

Novotel wedding : a beautiful ceremony in Sankta Birgitta’s chapel in Gothenburg and a great reception at Novotel, Klippan The day before the wedding everyone involved was nervously looking out of the window with a silent “what if”… What if this thunderstorm won’t break and the rain won’t stop and the cloud would heavily stretch over the city of Gothenburg. As the day went on and less and less hope was left Jenilee packed her umbrella in the wedding bag […]

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Bröllopsfotograf, bröllop, wedding Kungsbacka, Göteborg, Gothenburg

Kungsbacka Wedding : Emmy + Christoffer

Kungsbacka wedding : Read about this country-side style wedding between two the most loving and caring people somewhere between Kungsbacka and Varberg They met what seems like ages ago. They’ve grown up into mature adults together. They are parents to two wonderful boys. Their happy family is the role model for their siblings who haven’t got own families yet. On a warm sunny last day of May together with their family and closest friends Emmy and Christoffer celebrated their love. […]

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Fotograf Göteborg Morsdag, Photographer Gothenburg, Mother's Day

Happy Mama’s Day!

Happy Swedish Mother’s Day! I am happy for many reasons today but mostly for these two who magically turned me into mama a couple of years ago. I am grateful for another year of this ever-changing, but so challenging life as a mom of my boys. Heartfelt wishes to all you moms out there who constantly have the most exciting and challenging work! Don’t forget that for your kids you are the best mom and your everyday struggles will produce […]

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