Gunnebo slott, gunnebo slott brollop, gunnebo wedding, wedding gothenborg, brollop goteborg

Wedding at Gunnebo House and Gardens – GUNNEBO SLOTT OCH TRÄDGÅRDAR

Wedding Gunnebo House and Gardens (Gunnebo Wedding): Swedish-American destination Wedding They both call United States their home now. He is a bit shy Swedish guy. She is driven and passionate American girl, who once made it all the way up to snowy Oslo, Norway to meet her husband to be. Jens and Lauren met when he, after his studies, decided to get some work experince in the international company in Norway and she was just visiting. I guess one can […]

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wedding fjallbacka dop brollop fjällbacka kyrka

Wedding Fjällbacka : Erika + Johan

Wedding Fjällbacka : surprise wedding and christening ceremony in one They both were waiting for this secret and beautiful moment. Waiting to see their family all dressed up with happiness and anticipation in their eyes. Waiting to see the tears in her grandma’s eyes. Waiting to see the look of surprise on his family’s faces. As they stood there in the church behind the closed doors, holding hands and listening to the church bells, thinking one thought ”this is it”. […]

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Bebisfoto, barnfoto , Göteborg, Kungsbaka, bebisfotografering, barnfotografering

Featured in magazine Vi Föräldrar

Photographing newborns and weddings are the most inspiring to me. The reason is simple – it’s a beginning of something new, a turning point in my clients’ lives and I have a honour to be there with them and to document that moment. Sometimes I am the first person outside the family circle to meet the newborn or the only one except the priest to witness marriage. I am privileged to have that trust. However when an editor for the […]

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Bröllop Tjolöholms slot, wedding Tjoloholm castle, Kungsbacka, bröllop Göteborg, bröllop fotograf Kungsbacka

Bröllop Tjolöholms Slott |Wedding Tjolöholm Castle

Bröllop Tjolöholms Slott : A castle with a heart for your wedding near Gothenburg or Kungsbacka I had a tremendous pleasure to meet Marie Förssell who is the effort and the brain behind many many fairy tale weddings at Tjolöholm castle. The castle has been her workplace for 11 years now, but it was not a coincidence. Once upon a time she was that gorgeous princess in the white dress in the fairy tale. She had her fairy tale wedding […]

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Brollop Tjolöholms slot, Tjoloholm castle, Kungsbacka, bröllop Göteborg, bröllop fotograf Kungsbacka

Bröllop Tjolöholms Slott |Wedding portrait

Bröllop Tjolöholms Slott : a wedding portrait session before the wedding day? The answer is YES! And here is why. The first thing you notice about Camilla is her astonishingly perfect red hair. I couldn’t stop staring at her vibrant red locks. Neither did Anders a couple of years ago when they met for the first time. They both found a true friend and a soul mate in each other: Soon they decided that they want to commit their lives […]

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Happy Holidays!

Put down your phones and put away your computers. Give your full attention to your loved ones and make room for the moments you will remember with joy for the rest of the year. I consider you — all of you, with whome my paths crossed whether it would be on the website, via e-mail or in real life — as members of Natasha Olsson – handmade photography family. As with everyone in this world, I want to see my […]

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Persiskt bröllop Göteborg, persian wedding Gothenburg, Elite Park Avenue Hotel bröllop

Persiskt Bröllop Göteborg |Persian Wedding

Persiskt Bröllop Göteborg : Persian wedding ceremony and Elite Park Avenue Hotel wedding party that you seriously don’t want to miss When you are fifteen and you start high school, it’s not like you expect that some day you will merry a guy sitting next to you in the classroom. But you can’t trick the universe (or Jessie’s grandma for that matter ;)) and 13 years later here they are – Jesse and Negar went from being classmates to husband […]

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diy brollop lada, goteborg, kungsbacka, marstrand, varberg, uddevalla, barn wedding

DIY bröllop i lada | Barn Wedding

DIY Bröllop i lada : a Swedish/English love story that started off in Thailand to culminate with a barn wedding in Kungsbacka, Sweden They both were on holidays in Thailand enjoying the beach life and well deserved time with friends. He – with his friend, she – with hers. The first time they saw each other was at the bar the hot starry night on the never sleeping beach a few weeks before Christmas. Encouraged by his friend Stephen approached […]

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Skolfoto Göteborg, school photo Gothenburg, fotograf, barnfotograf, barnfotografering Göteborg, Kungsbacka, Varberg, Alingsås, Uddevalla

Skolfoto Göteborg | School picture in Gothenburg

Skolfoto Göteborg : My first day at school was certainly different from my son’s, but I know how I want him to remeber it. I remember my first day in school. It was my mom who chose the school for me way before I was even born. As a university student she used to pass by this old white and yellow building with mighty porch and old chestnuts trees in front of it. It was one for the oldest and […]

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Studenten Fotograf, student photograph Göteborg, Gothenburg, Varberg, Kungsbacka, Kungälv, Marstrand

Studenten fotograf | Student graduation photographer

Studenten fotograf : The story of love this couple shares for each other and for the sea Long, beautiful blond hair and the smile that could brighten up the dullest fall – she was the prettiest girl he has ever met. Maybe it was salty warm summer winds of Lyseskil where they both spend their summers. Or maybe it was the fact that they both love sea and boats made their hearts jump extra for each other. It’s hard to […]

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Wedding Uddevalla, bröllopsfotograf Uddevalla, bröllop fotograf Uddevalla, wedding Uddevalla, Gustafsberg , bröllopsfotograf Göteborg, Kungsbacka, Marstrand, Kungälv, Varberg

Wedding Uddevalla : Thomas + Therese

Wedding Uddevalla : stunning couple and Rolls Royce ride on the epic Swedish summer day They both have busy jobs, they’ve built a beautiful house, they turned it to their family home, they have two really amazing kids. They work hard and enjoy life. Nothing comes for granted in Therese and Thomas family. They know the meaning of the words appreciation, simplicity and loyalty. And they seem to surround themselves with people who are just as amazing as they are. […]

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Indian Wedding Gothenburg, wedding photographer Goteborg, indiskt bröllop Göteborg, fotograf Varberg, Kungsbacka, Marstrand, Kungälv.

Indian Wedding

Indian wedding in Gothenburg : colorful fusion wedding in extraordinary combination of Swedish and Indian Unfortunately, I am not allowed to share anything but the amazing details from this colorful and extraordinary Indian wedding in Gothenburg. Vibrant silk sari hand-decorated with embroideries, heavy jewelry and typical shoes… This wedding was a fine fusion of Swedish and Indian with two outfit changes and very touching ceremony. Enjoy some details from this Swedish and Indian wedding in Gothenburg! Wedding preparations: Radisson Blu […]

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Bröllopsfotograf Göteborg, bröllop Göteborg, wedding Gothenburg, bröllop Kungsbacka, bröllop Varberg, bröllop Kungälv, bröllop Uddevalla, bröllop Marstrand

Wedding Gothenburg : Edina + Ferid

Wedding Gothenburg : wedding with a dash of rain and tons of love This wedding took almost 7 years to happen and for a couple of years it was close to not happening at all due to some technical Facebook misunderstandings. They met at the dinner party and… went their own ways. Summers and winters went by before forces of love arranged their two stars to meet again. Two years later on this same day Edina and Ferid woke up […]

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Bröllopsmagasinet bröllopsfotograf göteborg, varberg, kungsbacka, kungälv, marstrand

Featured in competition : Bröllopsmagasinet

Featured in competition : Bröllopsmagasinet . I am extremely honored and dreaming of winning. Please click here and gift my picture your love. I checked my email more often than usual lately and as I checked it yesterday my heart made a double vault up in the air. The email I was waiting for was in my mailbox stating that my picture is now published and competing against 9 others in the competitions hold by Bröllopsmagasinet – a very important […]

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Student photo, studenten presenttips fotografering Göteborg

Student photo

Student photo : my vision of modern student portrait and two things you would never guess about the girl on the picture I have a very definitive vision of student portraits – make each and one of them unique for every student I photograph. I try to incorporate something personal as well as the white student dress, the student ball dress and some casual clothes in my student photo shoot. I also love going to different locations as I photograph […]

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Student photo session, Studenten fotograf Göteborg, photographer Gothenburg, studenten present tips, studenten fotografering

Student photo session

Student photo session with *probable* future Finance Minister of Sweden. She will definitely fit as one! I draw a picture of her in my mind before I met her for her high school student photo session. A confident successful young woman who despite her young age has a lot on her achievements list. Funny, but my gut feeling got it all right. And as she stepped out of her car one stormy afternoon I just had to add a sincere […]

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Pre-wedding photo session, brollopsfotograf Göteborg, brollop fotograf Göteborgbro

Pre-wedding photo session

Pre-wedding  photo session in the sunset and the long way to “I do” When they first met no one thought twice of their introduction. There were no sleepless nights, no fireworks in the sky, no romantic music in the background. Some years later Ferid tried to take contact with Edina on the Facebook, but she didn’t answer his message. Two years later he tried his luck again. No. She didn’t answer this time either. But if it’s meant to be […]

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Baby photographer Gothenburg, bebis foto Göteborg, Varberg, Kungsbacka, Kungälv

Baby photographer : lifestyle baby pictures

Baby photographer : read what this little princess and Harry Potter has in common. I heard joyful cheers and saw a couple of azure blue eyes looking at me as I entered the door. Little Hedvid was getting ready for her very first baby session. As a baby photographer I have to admit that no matter how much prepared I am the little baby is the one who decides in what direction I should go. No matter what, I really […]

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beach family session, familjefotografering, götebrog, marstrand, varberg, kungsbacka, uddevalla, fotografering, fotograf göteborg.

Beach family session

Beach family session: don’t miss this sweet family on the  gorgeous beach Melt together Italian openheartness and Vietnamese kindheartness and you get this beautiful family of four with two girls – Zoe and Angela. Zoe (means “Life” in Greek) – definitely a full of life lovely almost three year old little lady. Angela – baby angel with wide-open eyes and long dark hair. Zoe – the first baby in the family was start-up for new chapter in the life of […]

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Choose wedding photographer, välj bröllopsfotograf, fotograf, Göteborg, Kungsbacka, Varberg, Kungälv, Marsstrand.

Choose wedding photographer: 5 top tips

Gothenburg wedding photographer gives you 5 tips on how to choose wedding photographer when you nerrow down your choice to two or three candidates Are you getting married soon? Congratulations! You have million and a half decisions to make – choose your reception location, all your vendors and of course choose wedding photographer. I got married back in 2012 and choosing our wedding photographer was among our first bookings. After many hours of browsing our options we had a couple […]

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Pregnancy foto session, gothenburg, Goteborg, gravidfotografering, gravid, kusten, fotograf, Göteborg, Kungälv, Marsstrand, Kungsbacka, Varberg.

Pregnancy photo shoot

Pregnancy photo shoot : West Coast Sweden as a backdrop + passionate couple = gorgeous maternity pictures Well, I thought it would be a good idea to get this post done before this baby boy has beard, a mobile phone and a driver’s license. This couple lights up any room with thier passion and love as soon as they enter. You feel the 1000-watts charges going between those two as they touch each other. He whispers, she smiles, they laugh […]

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drone wedding photography goteborg, Flygfoto bröllop göteborg, flygfotografering, kungsbacka, varberg, västkusten, areal wedding photography gothenburg, drone wedding goteborg

Drone Wedding Photography

Drone Wedding Photography : I am excited to be the first wedding photographer in Gothenburg to offer areal wedding photography The start of this year is nothing short of wonderfully amazing. For the last couple of months I, as a renown historical person, had a dream… A dream to offer one of a kind, that unique, “the one” angle of the wedding couple on the wedding day. The angle that only always happy sea gulls and Karlsson-on-the-roof has privilege to see. […]

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Bröllopsfotogar i Göteborg, god jul, merry christmas, wedding photographer gothenburg,

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!

  From the bottom of my heart I am wishing you happy holidays and may the next twelve months bring you and the ones you love wonder, joy, and health!

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An exciting announcement

Wedding photographer : an exciting announcement about both business and pleasure I have spent my last two months in the pink fluffy baby cloud together with my baby girl. I caught myself numerous times talking with funny voice, get overexcited over the content in her diaper or being emotional over all the pink outfits she gets. But most of all it’s been crazy to have three kids and see my two older boys care so much for their baby sister. In between tears […]

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Newborn photography, baby photography, bebisfotografering göteborg, gothenburg

Newborn photography : celebrating life as it is

Newborn photography : how my world turned upside down and how I challenged my newborn photography I know being mom is not easy. I had a feeling that being a mom of three is not easy. The real life showed that being a mom of this beautiful girl is not even close to what I could imagine. I am not a type of girl that cries without a reason, but this last week decided to turn my world upside down for […]

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nyfödd fotografering göteborg, newborn photography gothenburg

Newborn photographer : introducing…

Newborn photographer : I am happy to introduce our new family member – our sweet little girl Please welcome our baby girl! She is perfect. She is sweet. She is all our family’s little princess. Stay fabulous and get in touch! By Natasha Olsson

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maternity pictures gothenburg, gravid bilder göteborg

Maternity pictures : documenting pregnancy

Documenting pregnancy :  one picture a week – fun way to remember the last nine months I think God came up with the last weeks of pregnancy and made it enough difficult so the woman would look forward the cruel labour like a little kid is looking forward all the candies on the Christmas Eve. Our “waiting game” has started and while I am waiting for the real labour to start off I take a look on the last nine […]

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one year old birthday party, ett års kalas, fotografer, göteborg, photograph, gothenburg

The best way to celebrate one year old birthday!

Thinking about celebrating your baby’s one year old birthday in a cute way? Cake smash photo session is what you need! I am blessed with most adorable families to photograph! And watching the families grow is one of my favourite things about being a photographer. It seems like yesterday this baby turned the world of his parents upside down, blew away everything that they knew about love and taught them different kind of love. One year ago we were taking […]

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Fotograf Göteborg, photographer Goteborg

Movie: One Hour Photo

With three weeks left before my due date with our third baby – I am an officially hormone unstable person and just about any little thing can make me upset. This week started off with horrible news about Robin Williams death. This is one of that news which, even years later, you remember exactly what you were doing when you learned about it. Just like 9/11, Princess Diana’s or Steve Jobs death. I was looking through my twitter flow that […]

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Newborn photographer gothenburg, bebis, nyfödd, barn fotograf göteborg

Newborn photographer : unique baby pictures

Newborn photographer : Check out this cool photo session of this lovely baby boy by newborn photographer in Gothenburg The arrival of some babies are especially welcomed. So was Lucas arrival. He was an awaited baby for both parents and family. His mom is such a champ, went through a terrible pregnancy and by the time of 38 weeks pregnant she was praying for labours to start off. I am not sure if god heard her but the doctors did […]

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graduation party examensfest goteborg

Graduation party at the West Coast

Midsummer Eve to remember – combined with graduation party on the West Coast Sweden Her mom stood on the terrace with a glass of champagne in her hands and looked with eyes full of love on her daughter. She chinked her glass to get some silence from the happy crowd who gather together on the Midsummer Eve to celebrate Linnea’s graduation. As the guests got quite her mom had so many beautiful words to say about her daughter and all […]

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Maternity pictures : Caroline + Mattias

Dreamy maternity pictures : Read why despite the difficult pregnancy she wants to remember this special time In her mind Caroline wrote a perfect script for her pregnancy. Nine month of planning, dreaming, choosing names, spreading the great news and watching the belly grow. The reality hit her by surprise with the worst case of nausea even before she knew she was pregnant. It was not a regular morning sickness it was all-day-long sickness that never stopped. Caroline was determined […]

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Pictures in the magazine

Read about a publication of my pictures in the magazine Affärstidningen Näringsliv and a photo shoot outside my comfort zone   Some photo projects makes me stop, pause the life and make the creative part of my brain work hard. I am always thrilled to do the photo sessions that are outside of my comfort zone. And I find it both challenging and exciting at the same time.     Earlier this year I had a pleasure to take pictures […]

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Bosnian Wedding, Varberg, Gothenburg, Bosninskt bröllop, Göteborg

Bosnian Wedding : Damir + Irnesa

Bosnian wedding : eventfull wedding with a blend of lovely people and beautiful wedding details Just a tiny thought of Damir and Irnesa’s weddings makes me grin from ear to ear. Give me more Bosnian weddings, because these guys know the true meaning of the word party! This wedding was a blend of beautiful people, two big families, different cultures and eventful moments – in other words a perfect Bosnian wedding! They fell in love thanks to Irnesa’s computer that […]

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Waiting baby in gothenburg, väntar bebis i Göteborg, gravid fotografering

Waiting baby : Three is a magic number!

Read about my big news which both makes me happy and freaks me out at the same time I think it’s time to announce a big news! Telling people that I just happen to swallow a ball for lunch doesn’t work any more. I am getting strange looks. After keeping the news mostly to myself and my family I am excited to announce that we are waiting baby number three this fall. I’ve got all crazy long list of complaints […]

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Business card for photographer, visitkort fotograf göteborg

Business card for photographer and print materials

Read a short story about my long way to find my new business card for photographer Blinding sunny morning. I take a deep breath of the chilly crisp air and open the door. I smell cozy aromatic coffee and hear the low monotonous susurrate of the printing machines. A big dog Indra welcomes me and I am dying to see my new “thank-you” cards and other print materials. A smiling lady gives me a white box with silver bow and […]

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Varberg, wedding, varberg, bröllop, fotograf, fotografering, gothenburg, göteborg

Varberg Wedding slideshow : Damir + Irnesa

Varberg wedding : eventful and fun wedding with a portrait session near the old Varberg fortress. I have thousand and one things on my to-do list this week before the Midsummer celebrations this weekend in Sweden. I love Midsummer – mostly because of the herring and strawberries. :) And because everyone is talking about weather, betting on sunshine chance and stubbornly and obstinately sets the feast tables outside just to move the celebrations inside when the sure rain starts. :) […]

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Novotel wedding Gothenburg, Novotel bröllop Göteborg, fotograf, photographer, bröllopsfotograf

Novotel Wedding : Jenilee + Kim

Novotel wedding : a beautiful ceremony in Sankta Birgitta’s chapel in Gothenburg and a great reception at Novotel, Klippan The day before the wedding everyone involved was nervously looking out of the window with a silent “what if”… What if this thunderstorm won’t break and the rain won’t stop and the cloud would heavily stretch over the city of Gothenburg. As the day went on and less and less hope was left Jenilee packed her umbrella in the wedding bag […]

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Bröllopsfotograf, bröllop, wedding Kungsbacka, Göteborg, Gothenburg

Kungsbacka Wedding : Emmy + Christoffer

Kungsbacka wedding : Read about this country-side style wedding between two the most loving and caring people somewhere between Kungsbacka and Varberg They met what seems like ages ago. They’ve grown up into mature adults together. They are parents to two wonderful boys. Their happy family is the role model for their siblings who haven’t got own families yet. On a warm sunny last day of May together with their family and closest friends Emmy and Christoffer celebrated their love. […]

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Fotograf Göteborg Morsdag, Photographer Gothenburg, Mother's Day

Happy Mama’s Day!

Happy Swedish Mother’s Day! I am happy for many reasons today but mostly for these two who magically turned me into mama a couple of years ago. I am grateful for another year of this ever-changing, but so challenging life as a mom of my boys. Heartfelt wishes to all you moms out there who constantly have the most exciting and challenging work! Don’t forget that for your kids you are the best mom and your everyday struggles will produce […]

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Couple photography session, Gothenburg, Fotografering Göteborg

Couple photography session: meet the most natural couple

Couple photography session at The Garden Society of Gothenburg It was his smile that changed her life! Jenilee read her contact emails on the dating site from time to time, but nothing ever caught her eye. She wasn’t sure if all this e-dating thing was actually for her. Bored to death with same emails she saw dating site’s own random match profile. She didn’t see the face she just saw his smile and couldn’t resist to press enter. On the […]

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Fotograf Göteborg Facebook, photographer Gothenburg Facebook

Come on over. It’s time to celebrate!

Gothenburg wedding photographer invites you for a virtual homewarming party for my Facebook page It’s time to celebrate and you are invited! My lovely website got its first x-number of Mb digital home on Facebook! This is a stylish contemporary residence for the modern photography lover. Cool, vivid and sophisticated with a youthful edge and stunning views. Crisp white colors and blue details create a timeline where, I promise, you will dream yourself away to the beautiful couples and sweet […]

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Couple session in Gothenburg, Wedding photographer Gothenburg, fotografering, bröllopsfotograf i Göteborg.

Couple session : romantic couple at multifarious Klippan

The most romantic couple session near Klippan, Gothenburg They both were not so interested in the relationship. Both careless and young they had hundreds of things going on and committing to someone was not a priority. They knew each other through a dancing class where both used to dance and had occasional contact via Facebook. Nothing special, just friends. Not until a couple of years later their paths aligned. One not so happy day Irnesa found her computer throwing strange […]

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Wedding album, bröllopsalbum, fotograf, Göteborg

Wedding album : 6 real reasons to always choose one

Gothenburg wedding photographer gives you 6 reasons why you should choose a wedding album As a wedding couple you have probably been planning your wedding day for many months, choosing the wedding dress, making to-do lists, tasting off dinner menu and choosing photographer to document every minute of your big day. Wedding is usually a great effort and a beautiful memory and you have all reasons to be proud of it and selfishly show off all your beautiful pictures. Thus […]

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Couple photo session in Linnestad Gothenburg, parfotografering i Linnestad i Göteborg

Couple photo session in blooming Linnéstaden, Gothenburg

The very best from the couple photo session in the blooming Linnéstaden, Gothenburg They have to thank coincidence and Emmy’s friend that they met. They first saw each other one late summer evening, outside a nightclub in Gothenburg. Heading for a girl’s night out Emmy was completely unaware that she will meet the love of her life that night. Her girlfriend met Christoffer earlier that summer on Rhodos, Greece. The next day chatting about last night, just like all girls […]

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Happy easter, glad påsk, photographer Gothenburg, fotograf Göteborg

Happy Egg Day!

Photographer | Gothenburg | Sweden I woke up early this morning to sneak the Easter eggs in the living room and to pack the last candies into them. Don’t we all pack them just five minutes before the small hands with tear them up and sticky fingers will put all candies in the mouth at once? Anyway, I hope your Easter is as sunny and warm as ours! “Overeasteregg” all your love ones and take a moment to think about things […]

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Bröllopsfotograf i Göteborg om Pinterst. Wedding photographer in Gothenburg, Sweden about Pinterest.

How Gothenburg wedding photographer should use Pinterest

How Gothenburg wedding photographer should use Pinterest when working with the clients As a wedding photographer I found Pinterest highly attractive, which often turns into highly time-stealing, tool. I use it a lot in my work mainly to collect ideas, interesting articles and tutorials. In the age of BP (before Pinterest) I was collecting ideas in my mailbox, on a piece of a napkin, in the countless documents on my laptop, you name it. It was not ideal since it […]

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Fotograf Göteborg, photographer i Gothenburg

Why I always will cherish my family picture

Read the story behind my family pictures I don’t know where to start without getting to emotional. I was going to spend this week and the next Easter week with my parents, visiting relatives and overeating all the delicious Easter food my mom makes. Never happened. Someone up above had another plans for me. So in the moment of weakness I found my old shabby pictures from my childhood and disappeared in the sweet caress memories for a moment. I […]

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Nyfödd, bebis och barn fotograf, Göteborg. Newborn and baby photographer Gothenburg.

Stunning newborn pictures by baby photographer in Gothenburg

Check out the stunning newborn pictures by baby photographer in Gothenburg I think that the most first time moms who are near the finish line believe that their pregnancy will never end and labors will last forever. They are ready for the worst-case scenario because we have all heard those horror stories about 36-hour labors and 5 kg newborns. Mom to this adorable baby definitely was one of those. They we right in the middle of the finishing their house […]

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Present och presenttips till sudenten i Göteborg, student present in Gothenburg

The best high school student present idea

Choose the best high school student present that will “wow” all the guests Couple of days ago I was looking through the local newspaper (can you imagine, I still read those?!) while having my second cup of tea, when I saw an ad with a smiling high school graduation student in cute white dress and a bunch of yellow and blue balloons in her hand. I suddenly realize that graduation season is just around the corner and many are struggling […]

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Barn fotograf Göteborg, Instagram project, photographer Göthenburg

My best 8 secrets of Instagram project

Read about my essential tips and tricks on how to succeed with your Instagram project I never thought that daily or weekly Instagram projects, like 365 Project or 52 Project, were my cup of tea. I never thought I had enough patience to fulfill them and I didn’t want to feel like a failure if I drop it three days in. I never saw a point in taking a picture a day until last summer I recognized that I am already […]

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Gravid fotografering i Göteborg, pregnancy and maternity photographer in Gothenburg

The very best from maternity photo session on the West Coast Sweden

Stormy pictures from maternity photo session on the West Coast Sweden It was a perfect summer storm coming towards us as we walked down to the beach on the Swedish West Coast. The clouds were turning all shades of severe blue and we were just seconds away from feeling first heavy raindrops against our cheeks and minutes away from  getting soaking wet. I knew it and we had no time to waste. With this polished rocks, uncompromising sea and threatening […]

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Fotograf Göteborg photographer Gothenburg

Happy Women’s Day!

Give extra love to the women in your life today may it be your mom, your dear girlfriend, your grandma, your sister or just a woman who inspires you! Happy International Women’s Day! By Natasha Olsson

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Studentfotografering studentbilder studentmössa Göteborg student fotograf

Why I regret I didn’t take my student pictures

Don’t do the same mistake or why I regret I didn’t take my student pictures As a photographer I tend to find myself behind the camera more often than in front of it, but there are a couple of moments in my life that I would love to have documented by a professional and I regret I don’t have a single student picture from that time. I am particularly sorry that I didn’t go to the photographer to get my […]

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Cake smash barn fotograf Göteborg

Cake smash – the best way to celebrate your baby’s first birthday

Thinking about celebrating you baby’s 1st birthday in a cute way? Cake smash photo session is what you need! I love cakes. Big, small, with frosting, with chocolate, handmade or bought at the nearest bakery – it doesn’t matter as long as it is sweet. And when the cake comes with a sweet little baby on a side it is twice as yummy. This neat cake (I bet it was yummy too) was baked by a passionate and talented baker […]

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Wedding photographer gothenburg brollopsfotograf goteborg

Are you looking for a wedding photographer in Gothenburg?

Amazing deal from a wedding photographer in Gothenburg Are you looking for a wedding photographer? Are you getting married during Spring-Summer 2014 season this year? Great! I’ve got a great deal for you that you can’t resist! I am expanding my business this year and I am looking for three couples that will get my services as a wedding photographer for no charge for one day, your wedding day. ;) To get the deal even yummier you will also get 50 […]

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Newborn Photographer, gothenburg, nyfödd, baby, barn, bebis, bebisfoto, bebisfotografering, foto, fotografering, göteborg, gothenburg, photography, Sweden

Newborn pictures in a touching slideshow

Take your newborn pictures to the next level with a stunning slideshow. Are you a music person? I think I am! You may find me listening to classical music one day and to 90’s rock music the next day. Music can definitely change my mood and make me bounce of the walls if the music is right. I like it loud… and then a little bit louder! Though with kids in the house it’s been a while since I had […]

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Maternity photographer gravid fotograf pregnant Göteborg Gothenburg

Romantic maternity photos by pregnancy photographer in Gothenburg

Romantic maternity photo session by pregnancy photographer in Gothenburg This maternity session turned into last minute maternity photo session. The healthy baby boy decided to meet his parents only a few sunny summer days later. But let us start from the beginning. I was very excited to document the last days of Andreas and Karin as family of two. They live next door to us, which means they are awesome by default! He is an extremely handy guy and that […]

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Fotograf Göteborg Photographer Gothenburg

One easy backup solution to save your pictures

Choose one of the best backup solution to save your pictures before it’s too late Couple of weeks ago on a lovely Friday night right when I finished my second bowl of my chocolate fudge brownie ice-cream (God, bless the person who came up with this flavour!) I got a phone call from my friend. She is a mother to her little son so she knows batter than to call so late on Friday night. She was a mess. I […]

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Boudoir fotograf gothenburg sweden

Why you should consider boudoir photographer to celebrate yourself

Would you consider boudoir photographer to celebrate your new self? This girl did it! Read her story. As a photographer I have a privilege to meet and photograph many different people and all of them, truly ALL of them have their unique story. The story of this girl had its ups and down, how ever if you happen to meet her she irradiates confidence as a compliment to her always very fashionable outfits. She is addicted to fashion, fragrances and […]

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Bebis nyfödd fotograf göteborg Sverige - Baby newborn photographer gothenburg Sweden

The cutest baby ever photographed by baby photographer

Don’t miss the cutest baby ever photographed by baby photographer I’d like to share more pictures from this beautiful photo shoot I had with baby Albin. He is already a star in the family and it is with his birth the word “family” raised to the completely new level to his parents. They both have so much to learn from each other and from their little baby and yet they have these wonderful first months with new baby in front […]

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Porträtt fotograf goteborg sverige, portrait photographer gothenburg Sweden. Photographer - Natasha Olsson

Beautiful portrait – best way to boost your confidence

When I met Mimmi for the first time I felt immediately in love with her blooming beauty.

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Confessions of a newborn photographer

Isn’t it funny that I had a pleasure of to be a newborn photographer and meeting this little baby boy on the day he was actually supposed to be born???

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