Couple photography session, Gothenburg, Fotografering Göteborg

Couple photography session: meet the most natural couple

Couple photography session at The Garden Society of Gothenburg It was his smile that changed her life! Jenilee read her contact emails on the dating site from time to time, but nothing ever caught her eye. She wasn’t sure if all this e-dating thing was actually for her. Bored to death with same emails she saw dating site’s own random match profile. She didn’t see the face she just saw his smile and couldn’t resist to press enter. On the […]

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Fotograf Göteborg Facebook, photographer Gothenburg Facebook

Come on over. It’s time to celebrate!

Gothenburg wedding photographer invites you for a virtual homewarming party for my Facebook page It’s time to celebrate and you are invited! My lovely website got its first x-number of Mb digital home on Facebook! This is a stylish contemporary residence for the modern photography lover. Cool, vivid and sophisticated with a youthful edge and stunning views. Crisp white colors and blue details create a timeline where, I promise, you will dream yourself away to the beautiful couples and sweet […]

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Couple session in Gothenburg, Wedding photographer Gothenburg, fotografering, bröllopsfotograf i Göteborg.

Couple session : romantic couple at multifarious Klippan

The most romantic couple session near Klippan, Gothenburg They both were not so interested in the relationship. Both careless and young they had hundreds of things going on and committing to someone was not a priority. They knew each other through a dancing class where both used to dance and had occasional contact via Facebook. Nothing special, just friends. Not until a couple of years later their paths aligned. One not so happy day Irnesa found her computer throwing strange […]

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Wedding album, bröllopsalbum, fotograf, Göteborg

Wedding album : 6 real reasons to always choose one

Gothenburg wedding photographer gives you 6 reasons why you should choose a wedding album As a wedding couple you have probably been planning your wedding day for many months, choosing the wedding dress, making to-do lists, tasting off dinner menu and choosing photographer to document every minute of your big day. Wedding is usually a great effort and a beautiful memory and you have all reasons to be proud of it and selfishly show off all your beautiful pictures. Thus […]

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Couple photo session in Linnestad Gothenburg, parfotografering i Linnestad i Göteborg

Couple photo session in blooming Linnéstaden, Gothenburg

The very best from the couple photo session in the blooming Linnéstaden, Gothenburg They have to thank coincidence and Emmy’s friend that they met. They first saw each other one late summer evening, outside a nightclub in Gothenburg. Heading for a girl’s night out Emmy was completely unaware that she will meet the love of her life that night. Her girlfriend met Christoffer earlier that summer on Rhodos, Greece. The next day chatting about last night, just like all girls […]

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Happy easter, glad påsk, photographer Gothenburg, fotograf Göteborg

Happy Egg Day!

Photographer | Gothenburg | Sweden I woke up early this morning to sneak the Easter eggs in the living room and to pack the last candies into them. Don’t we all pack them just five minutes before the small hands with tear them up and sticky fingers will put all candies in the mouth at once? Anyway, I hope your Easter is as sunny and warm as ours! “Overeasteregg” all your love ones and take a moment to think about things […]

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Bröllopsfotograf i Göteborg om Pinterst. Wedding photographer in Gothenburg, Sweden about Pinterest.

How Gothenburg wedding photographer should use Pinterest

How Gothenburg wedding photographer should use Pinterest when working with the clients As a wedding photographer I found Pinterest highly attractive, which often turns into highly time-stealing, tool. I use it a lot in my work mainly to collect ideas, interesting articles and tutorials. In the age of BP (before Pinterest) I was collecting ideas in my mailbox, on a piece of a napkin, in the countless documents on my laptop, you name it. It was not ideal since it […]

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Fotograf Göteborg, photographer i Gothenburg

Why I always will cherish my family picture

Read the story behind my family pictures I don’t know where to start without getting to emotional. I was going to spend this week and the next Easter week with my parents, visiting relatives and overeating all the delicious Easter food my mom makes. Never happened. Someone up above had another plans for me. So in the moment of weakness I found my old shabby pictures from my childhood and disappeared in the sweet caress memories for a moment. I […]

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Nyfödd, bebis och barn fotograf, Göteborg. Newborn and baby photographer Gothenburg.

Stunning newborn pictures by baby photographer in Gothenburg

Check out the stunning newborn pictures by baby photographer in Gothenburg I think that the most first time moms who are near the finish line believe that their pregnancy will never end and labors will last forever. They are ready for the worst-case scenario because we have all heard those horror stories about 36-hour labors and 5 kg newborns. Mom to this adorable baby definitely was one of those. They we right in the middle of the finishing their house […]

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Present och presenttips till sudenten i Göteborg, student present in Gothenburg

The best high school student present idea

Choose the best high school student present that will “wow” all the guests Couple of days ago I was looking through the local newspaper (can you imagine, I still read those?!) while having my second cup of tea, when I saw an ad with a smiling high school graduation student in cute white dress and a bunch of yellow and blue balloons in her hand. I suddenly realize that graduation season is just around the corner and many are struggling […]

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