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Pregnancy photo shoot

Pregnancy photo shoot : West Coast Sweden as a backdrop + passionate couple = gorgeous maternity pictures Well, I thought it would be a good idea to get this post done before this baby boy has beard, a mobile phone and a driver’s license. This couple lights up any room with thier passion and love as soon as they enter. You feel the 1000-watts charges going between those two as they touch each other. He whispers, she smiles, they laugh […]

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Drone Wedding Photography

Drone Wedding Photography : I am excited to be the first wedding photographer in Gothenburg to offer areal wedding photography The start of this year is nothing short of wonderfully amazing. For the last couple of months I, as a renown historical person, had a dream… A dream to offer one of a kind, that unique, “the one” angle of the wedding couple on the wedding day. The angle that only always happy sea gulls and Karlsson-on-the-roof has privilege to see. […]

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Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!

  From the bottom of my heart I am wishing you happy holidays and may the next twelve months bring you and the ones you love wonder, joy, and health!

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An exciting announcement

Wedding photographer : an exciting announcement about both business and pleasure I have spent my last two months in the pink fluffy baby cloud together with my baby girl. I caught myself numerous times talking with funny voice, get overexcited over the content in her diaper or being emotional over all the pink outfits she gets. But most of all it’s been crazy to have three kids and see my two older boys care so much for their baby sister. In between tears […]

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Newborn photography : celebrating life as it is

Newborn photography : how my world turned upside down and how I challenged my newborn photography I know being mom is not easy. I had a feeling that being a mom of three is not easy. The real life showed that being a mom of this beautiful girl is not even close to what I could imagine. I am not a type of girl that cries without a reason, but this last week decided to turn my world upside down for […]

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Newborn photographer : introducing…

Newborn photographer : I am happy to introduce our new family member – our sweet little girl Please welcome our baby girl! She is perfect. She is sweet. She is all our family’s little princess. Stay fabulous and get in touch! By Natasha Olsson

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Maternity pictures : documenting pregnancy

Documenting pregnancy :  one picture a week – fun way to remember the last nine months I think God came up with the last weeks of pregnancy and made it enough difficult so the woman would look forward the cruel labour like a little kid is looking forward all the candies on the Christmas Eve. Our “waiting game” has started and while I am waiting for the real labour to start off I take a look on the last nine […]

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The best way to celebrate one year old birthday!

Thinking about celebrating your baby’s one year old birthday in a cute way? Cake smash photo session is what you need! I am blessed with most adorable families to photograph! And watching the families grow is one of my favourite things about being a photographer. It seems like yesterday this baby turned the world of his parents upside down, blew away everything that they knew about love and taught them different kind of love. One year ago we were taking […]

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Movie: One Hour Photo

With three weeks left before my due date with our third baby – I am an officially hormone unstable person and just about any little thing can make me upset. This week started off with horrible news about Robin Williams death. This is one of that news which, even years later, you remember exactly what you were doing when you learned about it. Just like 9/11, Princess Diana’s or Steve Jobs death. I was looking through my twitter flow that […]

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Newborn photographer : unique baby pictures

Newborn photographer : Check out this cool photo session of this lovely baby boy by newborn photographer in Gothenburg The arrival of some babies are especially welcomed. So was Lucas arrival. He was an awaited baby for both parents and family. His mom is such a champ, went through a terrible pregnancy and by the time of 38 weeks pregnant she was praying for labours to start off. I am not sure if god heard her but the doctors did […]

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