Why I regret I didn’t take my student pictures

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Don’t do the same mistake or why I regret I didn’t take my student pictures

As a photographer I tend to find myself behind the camera more often than in front of it, but there are a couple of moments in my life that I would love to have documented by a professional and I regret I don’t have a single student picture from that time. I am particularly sorry that I didn’t go to the photographer to get my high school student pictures done. Funny enough, I have graduated two(!) times from the high school. I have been an exchange student during my high school year, so that explains. I have two yearbooks, I had two student balls and I had twice as much opportunities to get my pictures done and I didn’t!  I did the regular yearbook pictures, but that’s about it. And now almost 15 years later I would love to go back to my younger self and see how careless, young and everything-is-possible I was.


Weather you like it or not the last high school year can be compared to your first baby year if you consider the number of all “firsts” or all “lasts”. First big decisions, high school student ball, adventurous plans, getting driver’s license, first car, last good-byes with the high school friends, moving out from you parent’s house and starting your life as an adult. And for many – high school student pictures will be the last pictures taken in many-many years. This transition time full of hopes and dreams gives a special shine in your eyes, which makes those pictures so special. The truth is that you will never look so young, happy and beautiful as you did in the high school.


I believe this photo session is not only about the student cap, a girl in the white dress or a guy in the suit. It’s more about who you are, your hobbies, what you are interested in, what you are dreaming of, where you live.. right now. And besides, your high school pictures will hang on your grandma’s wall and stand on the special place in your mother’s living room for the rest of your life, and will probably only moved around once to give some space for your wedding pictures. So you’d better look good!

As for today I have a three available high school photo session spots left give me a call +46.704.186.486 , fill in the form below or send me an email hello@natashaolsson.com ! I’d love to hear from you!

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    By Natasha Olsson

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