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Fotograf Göteborg, photographer Goteborg

With three weeks left before my due date with our third baby – I am an officially hormone unstable person and just about any little thing can make me upset. This week started off with horrible news about Robin Williams death. This is one of that news which, even years later, you remember exactly what you were doing when you learned about it. Just like 9/11, Princess Diana’s or Steve Jobs death. I was looking through my twitter flow that morning when I saw the news. I was silent.

Fotograf Göteborg, photographer Goteborg

As the day unfolded and I read about the horrible details of Robin Williams death I couldn’t believe the raw truth of life. In my head I had pictures of kind Mrs Doubtfire, goofy Patch Adams with red clown nose, wise math professor from Good Will Hunting… And I heard “Oh Captain, my Captain”…
Fotograf Göteborg, photographer Goteborg

Robin Williams sure was a great actor and many of his movies are on my personal greatest-movies-I’ve-ever-seen list. But there was one movie that I have missed. One Hour Photo. When I heard the title it was like a clear message to me that I supposed to watch it. So we put all our plans aside one night this week and watched it the memory of this truly great actor.

One Hour Photo was a combination of thrilling plot, skillful acting and, of course, photography and thought’s on photography. Here are my favorites:
Fotograf Göteborg, photographer Goteborg

Family photos depict smiling faces… births, weddings, holidays, children’s birthday parties. People take pictures of the happy moments in their lives. Someone looking through our photo album would conclude that we had led a joyous, leisurely existence free of tragedy. No one ever takes a photograph of something they want to forget.

Most people don’t take snapshots of the little things. The used Band-Aid, the guy at the gas station, the wasp on the Jell-O. But these are the things that make up the true picture of our lives. People don’t take pictures of these things.

Fotograf Göteborg, photographer Goteborg

And if these pictures have anything important to say to future generations, it’s this: I was here. I existed. I was young, I was happy, and someone cared enough about me in this world to take my picture.

-When people’s houses are on fire, what’s the first thing they save after their pets and loved ones are saved?

-Their family photos.


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By Natasha Olsson

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