How Gothenburg wedding photographer should use Pinterest

Bröllopsfotograf i Göteborg om Pinterst. Wedding photographer in Gothenburg, Sweden about Pinterest.

How Gothenburg wedding photographer should use Pinterest when working with the clients

As a wedding photographer I found Pinterest highly attractive, which often turns into highly time-stealing, tool. I use it a lot in my work mainly to collect ideas, interesting articles and tutorials. In the age of BP (before Pinterest) I was collecting ideas in my mailbox, on a piece of a napkin, in the countless documents on my laptop, you name it. It was not ideal since it was easier to find an alien with a camera in downtown Gothenburg than organizing and searching the ideas when I needed them. Everything changed with the Pinterest!
Bröllopsfotograf i Göteborg om Pinterest. Gothenburg Wedding photographer about Pinterest.Pinterest is a great tool and way of communication with my customers. I love following my bride who is on Pinterest and see her gathering all the fun and crazy ideas and pictures of the wedding dresses, flowers, cakes, rings, decorations, etc that inspires her. This is a great way for me to see and understand what keeps her sleepless for nights and what is important to her through out her wedding day, so I can meet her expectations well. For example, if my bride pins mostly urban wedding pictures while her wedding is taking place in the summer sunset on the beach this would definitely give me heads up and I would start a conversation with her about her expectations for the wedding day and her wedding pictures.
Bröllopsfotograf i Göteborg om Pinterest. Gothenburg Wedding photographer about Pinterest.
When it comes to wedding pictures on Pinterest – it is a collection of the best of the best. But keep in mind that sometimes the great pictures happen by a chance – a sudden wind puff, a double rainbow, mysterious fog over the morning field – you just can’t arrange it on your wedding day. Many wedding pictures on Pinterest are a staged work of a team of florists, decorators, stylists and photographers who are there to make pictures for the magazine or a product catalogs. They are not running late for the ceremony as it might be on a real wedding day, they have plenty of time to work out details and try the best sets.
Bröllopsfotograf i Göteborg om Pinterest. Gothenburg Wedding photographer about Pinterest.
In my work I am focusing on creating rather than re-creating others work. Re-creating takes time and effort and I am there for my bride and groom to create something special and one of a kind that reflects them, so the will remember their big day for the rest of their life.

And another great thing about Pinterest you can always start a gathering wedding ideas even if you don’t have an engagement ring yet. A girl can dream, right? ;)

Stay fabulous and get in touch!

By Natasha Olsson

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