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Wedding at Gunnebo House and Gardens – GUNNEBO SLOTT OCH TRÄDGÅRDAR

Wedding Gunnebo House and Gardens (Gunnebo Wedding): Swedish-American destination Wedding They both call United States their home now. He is a bit shy Swedish guy. She is driven and passionate American girl, who once made it all the way up to snowy Oslo, Norway to meet her husband to be. Jens and Lauren met when he, after his studies, decided to get some work experince in the international company in Norway and she was just visiting. I guess one can […]

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wedding fjallbacka dop brollop fjällbacka kyrka

Wedding Fjällbacka : Erika + Johan

Wedding Fjällbacka : surprise wedding and christening ceremony in one They both were waiting for this secret and beautiful moment. Waiting to see their family all dressed up with happiness and anticipation in their eyes. Waiting to see the tears in her grandma’s eyes. Waiting to see the look of surprise on his family’s faces. As they stood there in the church behind the closed doors, holding hands and listening to the church bells, thinking one thought ”this is it”. […]

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Featured in magazine Vi Föräldrar

Photographing newborns and weddings are the most inspiring to me. The reason is simple – it’s a beginning of something new, a turning point in my clients’ lives and I have a honour to be there with them and to document that moment. Sometimes I am the first person outside the family circle to meet the newborn or the only one except the priest to witness marriage. I am privileged to have that trust. However when an editor for the […]

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Bröllop Tjolöholms slot, wedding Tjoloholm castle, Kungsbacka, bröllop Göteborg, bröllop fotograf Kungsbacka

Bröllop Tjolöholms Slott |Wedding Tjolöholm Castle

Bröllop Tjolöholms Slott : A castle with a heart for your wedding near Gothenburg or Kungsbacka I had a tremendous pleasure to meet Marie Förssell who is the effort and the brain behind many many fairy tale weddings at Tjolöholm castle. The castle has been her workplace for 11 years now, but it was not a coincidence. Once upon a time she was that gorgeous princess in the white dress in the fairy tale. She had her fairy tale wedding […]

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Brollop Tjolöholms slot, Tjoloholm castle, Kungsbacka, bröllop Göteborg, bröllop fotograf Kungsbacka

Bröllop Tjolöholms Slott |Wedding portrait

Bröllop Tjolöholms Slott : a wedding portrait session before the wedding day? The answer is YES! And here is why. The first thing you notice about Camilla is her astonishingly perfect red hair. I couldn’t stop staring at her vibrant red locks. Neither did Anders a couple of years ago when they met for the first time. They both found a true friend and a soul mate in each other: Soon they decided that they want to commit their lives […]

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Happy Holidays!

Put down your phones and put away your computers. Give your full attention to your loved ones and make room for the moments you will remember with joy for the rest of the year. I consider you — all of you, with whome my paths crossed whether it would be on the website, via e-mail or in real life — as members of Natasha Olsson – handmade photography family. As with everyone in this world, I want to see my […]

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Persiskt bröllop Göteborg, persian wedding Gothenburg, Elite Park Avenue Hotel bröllop

Persiskt Bröllop Göteborg |Persian Wedding

Persiskt Bröllop Göteborg : Persian wedding ceremony and Elite Park Avenue Hotel wedding party that you seriously don’t want to miss When you are fifteen and you start high school, it’s not like you expect that some day you will merry a guy sitting next to you in the classroom. But you can’t trick the universe (or Jessie’s grandma for that matter ;)) and 13 years later here they are – Jesse and Negar went from being classmates to husband […]

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diy brollop lada, goteborg, kungsbacka, marstrand, varberg, uddevalla, barn wedding

DIY bröllop i lada | Barn Wedding

DIY Bröllop i lada : a Swedish/English love story that started off in Thailand to culminate with a barn wedding in Kungsbacka, Sweden They both were on holidays in Thailand enjoying the beach life and well deserved time with friends. He – with his friend, she – with hers. The first time they saw each other was at the bar the hot starry night on the never sleeping beach a few weeks before Christmas. Encouraged by his friend Stephen approached […]

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Skolfoto Göteborg | School picture in Gothenburg

Skolfoto Göteborg : My first day at school was certainly different from my son’s, but I know how I want him to remeber it. I remember my first day in school. It was my mom who chose the school for me way before I was even born. As a university student she used to pass by this old white and yellow building with mighty porch and old chestnuts trees in front of it. It was one for the oldest and […]

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Studenten Fotograf, student photograph Göteborg, Gothenburg, Varberg, Kungsbacka, Kungälv, Marstrand

Studenten fotograf | Student graduation photographer

Studenten fotograf : The story of love this couple shares for each other and for the sea Long, beautiful blond hair and the smile that could brighten up the dullest fall – she was the prettiest girl he has ever met. Maybe it was salty warm summer winds of Lyseskil where they both spend their summers. Or maybe it was the fact that they both love sea and boats made their hearts jump extra for each other. It’s hard to […]

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