Newborn photography : celebrating life as it is

Newborn photography, baby photography, bebisfotografering göteborg, gothenburg

Newborn photography : how my world turned upside down and how I challenged my newborn photography

I know being mom is not easy. I had a feeling that being a mom of three is not easy. The real life showed that being a mom of this beautiful girl is not even close to what I could imagine. I am not a type of girl that cries without a reason, but this last week decided to turn my world upside down for the next six weeks.

We walked in the tiny little room in the hospital. A bed, two chairs. I had fever since the night before and I could barely stand on my feet. “Please, undress her and put her on the bed.” – I heard the nurse saying with determined voice. We took her out of her car seat, carefully put her on the bed, undressed her tiny, doll like, pink shirt and pants. My God, she was so teeny-tiny on that huge hospital bed. So fragile.

Newborn photography, baby photography, bebisfotografering göteborg, gothenburg

Our little princess was just four days old and we were in the hospital to double-check her hip. A friendly middle-aged doctor came into the room wearing her green outfit. I am not a fortuneteller, but even before she was done checking her hips I knew that something was not right. In my head I pictured all kids of scenarios and I came to myself when I saw the nurse putting on, what she called “pillow”, on my princess. Frejka pillow. In my mind “a pillow” is something soft, comfy and cozy. This one was a piece of hard plastic that puts her legs in a “frog-like” position. For six weeks. 24/7. I have weak memories of what happened next. I cried and I heard my little girl crying.  But it was more than I could bear at that moment.

Now as the first week past and I am fairly attached to the normal life again I suspect that I have been overdramatic. But being four days post giving birth I had all right to feel that way. On this crazy ride called life, things certainly don’t always go the way we would like them to, but I am grateful that her hip condition was diagnosed so early in her life. This totally increases her chances to have healthy legs for the rest of her life. “Oh, well. What’s six weeks?” I am telling myself billion times a day.

Newborn photography, baby photography, bebisfotografering göteborg, gothenburg

Being a newborn photographer I certainly had many pictures of my newborn little lady in my mind and I certainly wouldn’t lie if I said that I felt disappointed, when I realized that I wouldn’t be able to take those pictures. But then I decided to embrace the moment as it is and accept the challenge of photographing, creating memories and documenting life of my little princes as it is. I am sure that going out of my comfort zone and challenging myself is how we grow and this is what makes us better photographers.

Newborn photography, baby photography, bebisfotografering göteborg, gothenburg

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By Natasha Olsson

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