Maternity pictures : documenting pregnancy

maternity pictures gothenburg, gravid bilder göteborg

Documenting pregnancy :  one picture a week – fun way to remember the last nine months

I think God came up with the last weeks of pregnancy and made it enough difficult so the woman would look forward the cruel labour like a little kid is looking forward all the candies on the Christmas Eve. Our “waiting game” has started and while I am waiting for the real labour to start off I take a look on the last nine months.

Even though I had the best pregnancy one could wish I am so much done with it. I am tired, but I can’t sleep. I eat when I can’t sleep. I weigh officially over 70 kg and my waist measures officially 104 cm.

We are dying to meet the baby. We are dying to see if it’s a boy or a girl, even though we still haven’t agreed on the name. We are dying to see our boys meeting our new family member. And we put our bets if this will be a Summer or Autumn baby.

And this time around my super positive attitude towards labour almost scares me. :) As this is my last pregnancy I documented it in many special ways (I will post pictures from our maternity photo shoot any time soon, well, at least before baby is walking and talking ;) ). I have been also taking one picture a week (for most of the weeks) just to see my belly grow. Now as I feel more like an elephant then a normal person it’s fun to see a difference between week 17 and 38.

Writing all this when I should have been napping…


maternity pictures gothenburg, gravid bilder göteborg

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By Natasha Olsson

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