Why I always will cherish my family picture

Fotograf Göteborg, photographer i Gothenburg

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I don’t know where to start without getting to emotional. I was going to spend this week and the next Easter week with my parents, visiting relatives and overeating all the delicious Easter food my mom makes. Never happened. Someone up above had another plans for me. So in the moment of weakness I found my old shabby pictures from my childhood and disappeared in the sweet caress memories for a moment.

I don’t have that many pictures from my childhood. I didn’t grow up in the family where we would take annual family picture. In fact, I have only one (one!) picture of us as a family as I grew up. And, frankly speaking we wouldn’t have this picture either it wasn’t for one curious circumstance.

Fotograf Göteborg, photographer i Gothenburg, family picture, familjebild

My mom is very interested in languages and has been on and off learning English and German for her entire adult life. She was attending different language classes and workshops, like a magnet she was finding native speakers here and there to practice her language skills, she read and re-read all the books we had, she became a headphones addict listening to all the song and language courses she came across. And then happened the most incredible thing she could dream of – she found a pan pall. A girl of about the same age as she was who was leaving in Germany. Now all my mom’s efforts got a new meaning. She carefully read every letter and diligently wrote every answer telling her new friend about her life, family and kids and then waited for weeks to get a new letter in return. And it wasn’t long before her new friend asked for our family picture. Well, we didn’t have any. So the next day my mom got her hair done, my dad put on his suit, I was allowed to put on my favorite velvet dress and my brother got to wear his bow-tie and we went to the photographer to get our family picture done! I still remember how excited and curious I was and how we couldn’t wait to see our picture.

Time passed, the life took over and my mom lost contact with her virtual friend. I don’t even know her name but I am very grateful to this lady who with out know it gave us a great gift – a family picture that I cherish and appreciate to this day.

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By Natasha Olsson

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