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Featured in competition : Bröllopsmagasinet

Featured in competition : Bröllopsmagasinet . I am extremely honored and dreaming of winning. Please click here and gift my picture your love. I checked my email more often than usual lately and as I checked it yesterday my heart made a double vault up in the air. The email I was waiting for was in my mailbox stating that my picture is now published and competing against 9 others in the competitions hold by Bröllopsmagasinet – a very important […]

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Pre-wedding photo session

Pre-wedding  photo session in the sunset and the long way to “I do” When they first met no one thought twice of their introduction. There were no sleepless nights, no fireworks in the sky, no romantic music in the background. Some years later Ferid tried to take contact with Edina on the Facebook, but she didn’t answer his message. Two years later he tried his luck again. No. She didn’t answer this time either. But if it’s meant to be […]

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Choose wedding photographer: 5 top tips

Gothenburg wedding photographer gives you 5 tips on how to choose wedding photographer when you nerrow down your choice to two or three candidates Are you getting married soon? Congratulations! You have million and a half decisions to make – choose your reception location, all your vendors and of course choose wedding photographer. I got married back in 2012 and choosing our wedding photographer was among our first bookings. After many hours of browsing our options we had a couple […]

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Drone Wedding Photography

Drone Wedding Photography : I am excited to be the first wedding photographer in Gothenburg to offer areal wedding photography The start of this year is nothing short of wonderfully amazing. For the last couple of months I, as a renown historical person, had a dream… A dream to offer one of a kind, that unique, “the one” angle of the wedding couple on the wedding day. The angle that only always happy sea gulls and Karlsson-on-the-roof has privilege to see. […]

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Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!

  From the bottom of my heart I am wishing you happy holidays and may the next twelve months bring you and the ones you love wonder, joy, and health!

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An exciting announcement

Wedding photographer : an exciting announcement about both business and pleasure I have spent my last two months in the pink fluffy baby cloud together with my baby girl. I caught myself numerous times talking with funny voice, get overexcited over the content in her diaper or being emotional over all the pink outfits she gets. But most of all it’s been crazy to have three kids and see my two older boys care so much for their baby sister. In between tears […]

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Movie: One Hour Photo

With three weeks left before my due date with our third baby – I am an officially hormone unstable person and just about any little thing can make me upset. This week started off with horrible news about Robin Williams death. This is one of that news which, even years later, you remember exactly what you were doing when you learned about it. Just like 9/11, Princess Diana’s or Steve Jobs death. I was looking through my twitter flow that […]

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Bosnian Wedding : Damir + Irnesa

Bosnian wedding : eventfull wedding with a blend of lovely people and beautiful wedding details Just a tiny thought of Damir and Irnesa’s weddings makes me grin from ear to ear. Give me more Bosnian weddings, because these guys know the true meaning of the word party! This wedding was a blend of beautiful people, two big families, different cultures and eventful moments – in other words a perfect Bosnian wedding! They fell in love thanks to Irnesa’s computer that […]

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Waiting baby : Three is a magic number!

Read about my big news which both makes me happy and freaks me out at the same time I think it’s time to announce a big news! Telling people that I just happen to swallow a ball for lunch doesn’t work any more. I am getting strange looks. After keeping the news mostly to myself and my family I am excited to announce that we are waiting baby number three this fall. I’ve got all crazy long list of complaints […]

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Business card for photographer and print materials

Read a short story about my long way to find my new business card for photographer Blinding sunny morning. I take a deep breath of the chilly crisp air and open the door. I smell cozy aromatic coffee and hear the low monotonous susurrate of the printing machines. A big dog Indra welcomes me and I am dying to see my new “thank-you” cards and other print materials. A smiling lady gives me a white box with silver bow and […]

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