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Wedding photographer : an exciting announcement about both business and pleasureBröllopsfotograf Vietnam. wedding photographer

I have spent my last two months in the pink fluffy baby cloud together with my baby girl. I caught myself numerous times talking with funny voice, get overexcited over the content in her diaper or being emotional over all the pink outfits she gets. But most of all it’s been crazy to have three kids and see my two older boys care so much for their baby sister.

In between tears of happiness I have also been working on a couple of projects which I am dying to share with you, when it’s time. However, I have an announcement to make. In exactly a week my whole family will be hitting a road. Destination? Da Nang, Vietnam. Duration? 4 months. Business or pleasure? Both! Yes, we are re-locating our family to the city with exciting culture, mile-long white sandy beaches, warm sea and exotic fruits.

I have to admit that I still don’t believe in the reality of this project. I have to pinch myself several times a day to see if I am not dreaming, but as soon as I look around and see the chaos and dosens of boxes stacked on each other in my house I know that it’s true! Yes, in a week I will be wearing flip-flops and high-fashioned rice hat! :D


It’s been a great dream of my husband and I. Both of us see this coming months as a priceless investment into our family, memories and time with our kids. These are the moments I know I will cherish and remember forever. I love being busy and have tons of projects going on, but I also want to take my time with my kids, be present in their little big lives and charge my batteries for the Wedding Season 2015!

Stay fabulous and get in touch!

By Natasha Olsson

P.S. If you have any ideas about “must shoot” people or places in Vietnam send me an email. In the mean time, meet me for a drink, chat or both if you happen to be in Vietnam.

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