Newborn pictures in a touching slideshow

Take your newborn pictures to the next level with a stunning slideshow.

Are you a music person? I think I am! You may find me listening to classical music one day and to 90’s rock music the next day. Music can definitely change my mood and make me bounce of the walls if the music is right. I like it loud… and then a little bit louder! Though with kids in the house it’s been a while since I had a luxury of turning on the volume to the max.

When I listen to the music I fill it and imagine a story – a sort of slide show in my head. So one day when I was sitting and sipping my cup of tea and editing pictures of this lovely little newborn baby I had this brilliant idea to put them all together in the slide show. Well, in the world’s perspective this idea is hardly new, but for me as a newborn photographer it was my very first slideshow. Do I need to say that the clients absolutely loved that!!! They were wiping each other’s tears as we watched their first newborn sleeping so peacefully on the screen.

I think that some kind of sparkling magic happens when you combine beautiful pictures of the pink little newborn and music. It’s like cheese and wine – the wine is divine and the cheese is heavenly – but when you combine this two you feel the gastronomical explosion in your mouth. ;)

I hope you enjoy it!

Stay fabulous and get in touch!

Equipment I used for this shoot:

Canon Mark II

Canon EF 50mm f/1.4

By Natasha Olsson

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